New, Custom Microwave Plasma Systems

  • Cline Innovations develops and sells new, custom microwave plasma CVD (MPCVD) systems tailored for diamond production and research.  Our designs are robust, turn-key, and based on academic & industrial experience in MPCVD technology.
  • We focus on MPCVD systems that grow single-crystal diamond (SCD), nanocrystalline diamond (NCD and UNCD) as well as polycrystalline diamond.  Our systems are designed, built, and tested in our Massachusetts facility.

Refurbished, Pre-Owned Equipment

  • Cline Innovations also offers a range of used equipment with an emphasis on diamond & related materials processing.  Our pre-owned equipment is typically tested and/or refurbished and sold with a warranty comparable to new equipment.
  • See our used equipment listings here.